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Can you help me with my web presence and social media or do you just do videos, audio, and photos?

Maybe, I believe that managing a website and social media is something that should be simple and intuitive for business owners.  It shouldn't require hiring a professional everytime a minor change is needed.  I'll get you up and running with a great website with professional videos and pictures, linked social media sites with a strategy to use them, and the knowledge to keep all of it going once I step aside.


If you already have a robust website that has a lot of database driven features and functionality, you probably have needs that go beyond my web design capabilities.  The above outline is best suited to small, brick and mortar businesses with little to no web presence and no one on staff that understands how to integrate social and other media into your business plan.


When is video training right?

It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s hard to communicate soft skills like enthusiasm and personal investment in text. Video can do this while simultaneously demonstrating a core competency needed for your trainee to complete their new job.


Why should I try to communicate my business culture online?

People like to see who you are before they make the leap of faith to support your business. Video increases web traffic, which increases feet through your door, which increases sales potential. The ‘Who?’ behind you and your team members along with your products and services is what sets you apart. Video communicates this quickly and naturally. That local flare, destination aspect if you will, of your business is often enough to turn the casual web browser into a fan who will buy from you over another business with less perceptible personality.


What do I need to consider before we meet to talk about my project? 


  • What do you need help with? ...Videos, photos, social media, a better website, something else media related, or some combination of the above?

  • How much new content (media) would you like to produce?

  • Will this be an ongoing series or a single project?

  • Is this content for promotional or training purposes?

  • Can we use your people as onscreen talent or will the shoot require actors and/or voice over professionals?

  • Do you have a single location or multiple sites that you’d like to capture video? Where are they?

  • Are the locations indoor or outdoor?


Can you help us put together a creative brief for the project? 


Here are some things to think about and questions to ask:

  • Background — what is the background of the project? Why is it being done?

  • Target audience — what do they already think about this subject? Is there anything that should be avoided?

  • Objectives — what is to be accomplished? How will this be measured and success understood?

  • Single message — what is the one thing to tell the audience? What is the single thing they should remember about the offering? How will they believe what we say?

  • Mandatory elements — mandatory elements such as the client's logo, address, phone number and so forth.

  • Deliverables — what is to be used to give the audience the message? What is the best way or place to reach this audience?

  • Timeline — how soon is this needed? When is it expected to be done? How many rounds (revisions) will this project undergo?

  • Budget — how much can be spent to get this developed? Is there any budget needed to publish/flight the creative?

  • Approvals — who needs to give the "okay"?

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