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Telling a story that sells a product, service, cause, or corporate culture with short video is a big part of what I do. Unfortunately, I generally lean heavily on interview content with team members and clients to do this. One way we might approach a video that gets around this challenge is conduct a series of phone and in person interviews with current staff and residents and then use their responses along with any top-down messaging that you’d like to communicate as a basis for a voice over script. In this way, we would capture the authentic spirit of your residences without depending on individual people that may change as time goes by. We would also avoid the pitfall of creating a generic video or narrative.

This is a very rough outline of some of the costs, constraints, and high level, creative concepts we might try for your project.  If this and my work seem like they align with your vision, let's move ahead with a phone or in-person meeting to discuss it further.

This Video tells the story of a small town with a great way of life and really fast and reliable internet connectivity.

Real estate video has become a big part of my recent portfolio. Here are some examples of my building and property exteriors. For more examples of my work visit:

Rough Budget:

  • Pre-Production - Pre-Interviews to create the voice overs (if applicable), meetings and communications, bid process, billing, site visits. $50/hour, likely 7-8 hours.

  • Production (Onsite shoot days) -- Includes audio, lighting, videography, drone (if applicable), steadicam. One man crew. $400/day plus travel (mileage and per diem), if it decided in advance that a larger crew is necessary, additional charges will apply.

  • Post Production $75/hour (expect 2 hours basic editing for each 1 hour of raw footage to turn the clips into something you can review in a rough cut format online, likely 1-2 hours more for color  correction, story line edits, and /or any necessary audio treatments)

  • Voice Over Talent -- ~$100/video depending specific actor

  • Music -- ~$49 for stock audio, $75/hour for custom development of either individual sound beds or branded theme music for bumpers or whole production (this one could vary quite a bit depending on how much original composition you'd like done -- examples available).

  • Graphics -- Design kit integration, Power Point Slide Conversion, video bumper creation, and any other motion graphics development branded or otherwise -- $75/hour (as needed)

I will work up a completed bid prior to beginning production, once all the specifics are detailed, if you'd like to proceed in that fashion or I can bill you hourly. 

Your project has some aspects that will likely be fairly straightforward and others that may be somewhat challenging.  

First, the easy stuff:

  • Roughly 5 onsite shoot days -- without the need for interview content, these should go pretty quickly (2-3 hours each).

  • The Pacific NW locations are all within driving distance for me so no need for additional budget beyond basic mileage and other expenses

  • Editing will likely go fairly quickly once voice over and music choices are created for each video.

  • I'll need to gather logos, marketing images, and any design related fonts, colors, etc... as soon as we begin pre-production to create lower thirds, front/end bumpers, and any words on screen slides. If you are already creating this type of collateral for print or web and/or have a formal style guide; I'd like to get my hands on that. Related existing video that you might have of the project subject matter could be helpful as well.

Second, the less easy stuff (or potentially more expensive) and some possible workarounds

  • Visalia location shoot -- It's a little too far to drive there and back on the same day, so a travel budget (including flight, hotel, and car rental) would be required to get me down there. I may be able to sub-contract this shoot with a local videographer to save a bit.

  • My schedule will become extremely constrained in the latter part of March, April, and May. So summer production with pre-production between now and then would probably work best.

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